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SubHub Partners with Copywriting Site

Scripted, a leading website and social media copywriting company, has partnered with SubHub to offer 20% discounts to SubHub members for any writing job, including website and blog content.

“We are very excited to offer SubHub customers the ability to get website copy written by a subject matter expert. We understand the importance of content marketing and work every day to help hundreds of businesses get great content,” said Scripted Co-founder Ryan Buckley.

Marketing studies have shown that informative, engaging content with relevant keywords builds both search engine and social credibility. Google and other search engines track the shares, follows, likes, and pluses in order to accurately rank websites. SubHub users who want to increase their search engine visibility should make sure their page content is written with these factors in mind.

To help SubHub customers with their website content, Scripted offers the following features:

  • Topic pitching: businesses can request ideas for blog posts
  • Guaranteed quality: no payment required for rejected copywriting jobs
  • Plagiarism check: every submission is automatically checked for plagiarism
  • Ghostwritten: no licensing or author attribution requirements
  • Flat rate pricing: businesses don’t need to negotiate fees with writers
  • Account management: higher volume customers get additional support

To get started, SubHub customers can go to Scripted’s special page for Subhub customers. Questions about the service will be promptly answered via Scripted’s contact form.

About SubHub
SubHub is a leading provider of subscription and membership website solutions for individuals, publishers, membership organisations and businesses. Leveraging its range of specialised capabilities and components, SubHub builds, hosts and manages a unique membership solution for every client. Founded in 2005 and based in Cardiff, Wales, SubHub has enabled the launch of hundreds of membership websites for organisations both large and small. SubHub can be found at

About Scripted
Scripted helps small and large businesses write expert marketing content. We attract and screen the best US and UK freelance writers with expertise ranging from healthcare to hardware. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and flat rate pricing on each of our formats, which include website copy, blog posts, white papers, tweets, and press releases. For high volume customers, we offer full account support and a robust API to post jobs and pull content automatically. Past clients include Levi’s, Viacom, and VeriSign, over 500 hundred others.