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Leading Membership Website Solution

For 10 years SubHub has been one of the best-known and most trusted solutions for building subscription and membership websites.

SubHub’s clients are category experts, small to mid-sized publishers, journalists, authors and others who seek to build an entrepreneurial business by sharing their knowledge and making money from it. SubHub is simple, turn-key and designed for non-technical individuals who want to profit from their knowledge.

SubHub 4.0 – Now Multi-Platform and Responsive

Launched in May 2014, SubHub 4.0 now delivers a responsive, HTML5-based website that looks equally good on the web, on tablets and on mobiles. SubHub clients can now post once and deliver their content to paid subscribers on any platform.

Expanded Enterprise Solutions

SubHub 4.0 incorporates an increased range of enterprise solutions, including integration with PayPal and Stripe (coming soon), and the ability to offer corporate bulk subscriptions. Integrations of custom functionality are also available.

Unlimited Design Options

SubHub clients are free to imagine and commission their own unique website designs — you can’t tell it’s a SubHub site.

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