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CampaignHuddle is for any organisation seeking to mobilise its supporters around a common cause.

Businesses can use CampaignHuddle to encourage supporters to lobby regulators, officials and government bodies around a particular issue. Customers, suppliers, partners, retirees and other constituents can all join together to make their voices collectively heard.

One well-known Fortune 50 company has used the CampaignHuddle solution to help build support for planned changes that would impact the local economy. CampaignHuddle has enabled the company to explain these changes and to encourage constituents to share their stories and voice approval.

Charities, membership organisations and local councils can use CampaignHuddle to promote an issue, provide information and encourage participation. Examples can include:

  • Voicing support for increases in research and funding

  • Building opposition to cutbacks or adverse changes

  • Advocating for changes in legislation or regulation

  • Required consultation regarding proposed local government initiatives

The power of a community can have a great impact when harnessed and galvanised. CampaignHuddle provides the tools to do so, quickly and easily. CampaignHuddle lets your community’s voice be heard.