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SubHub launches new website for FIPP

FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association, has launched a new website powered by SubHub. The site,, offers a more dynamic, effective, and usable resource for FIPP members and the international magazine media community it serves.

Features of the new site include:

  • Sophisticated ecommerce system, where users can purchase and access reports:
  • Fully searchable site, allowing content from FIPP’s news and research archives to be found instantly
  • Searchable database of contacts from the more than 700 FIPP member companies:
  • Media Passport – searchable data from M&M Global’s Media Passport and FIPP World Magazine Trends, which covers the major players across the print, TV and online mediums:
  • The ability for FIPP members to login and update their details and information about their brands
  • Integration of FIPP’s social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

The site also integrates with other FIPP partners including Adestra for email newsletter management, and Videobuilder hosting and sharing of member video content.

Commenting on the new site, FIPP’s president and CEO, Chris Llewellyn, said: “ is the most important communication tool FIPP has, and it is crucial that it responds to the needs of our members. Creating the dynamic, new, has been a major project for the organisation but the result is a website that allows for easier navigation, greater interactivity, deeper engagement and offers more news and information on what’s happening in the magazine media industry than ever before.”

SubHub CEO Evan Rudowski said, “We’re proud to have been chosen by FIPP to build this important new resource for the worldwide magazine media industry. FIPP is right at the intersection of SubHub’s capabilities — seamlessly combining content management, membership management, payment and more. We look forward to helping FIPP to grow its online presence in the years to come.”

About SubHub

SubHub is a leading provider of subscription and membership website solutions for individuals, publishers, membership organisations and businesses. Leveraging its range of specialised capabilities and components, SubHub builds, hosts and manages a unique membership solution for every client. Founded in 2005 and based in Cardiff, Wales, SubHub has enabled the launch of hundreds of membership websites for organisations both large and small. SubHub can be found at

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