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Association of Online Publishers Appoint MemberDigital To Implement Cloud-Based Solution For Relationship Management

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The Association of Online Publishers (AOP), the voice of the UK’s premium digital publishers, has appointed Cardiff-based MemberDigital to build a state-of-the-art digital association management solution to enhance AOP’s ability to serve its members.

As with many large membership organisations, as the range of AOP services has grown, the tracking and management of actual member activity has grown more complex, and thus more complicated and costly to manage. SubHub’s digital association management solution enables AOP to have a much more cohesive view of member activity and to serve member needs more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Evan Rudowski, co-founder and CEO of SubHub comments, “Member data can become more fragmented as new member services are added, making the actual management of members more onerous, which adds cost and means that organisations like AOP risk overlooking opportunities to create value for members. Many organisations have a good front-end web presence, but may not be well equipped to track member engagement with other operational systems. Putting on a good face to members is important, but having a solid ability to manage those ‘back-end’ services and transactions is what really sets the best organisations apart.”

Recently completed, AOP now benefits from a sophisticated member contact management database which provides the industry body with individual member views of activity across a wide range of services – from access to original research, attendance at conferences and events and participation in member discussion forums and industry committees that are championing a range of issues relevant to the future of digital publishing.

“Our organisation represents some of the UK’s most advanced digital publishers,” said Lee Baker, Director at AOP. “The operational side of our digital presence was in need of upgrading, with duplication of member data that was time-consuming to manage and didn’t give us an easy way to view how individual members engage with us. SubHub has streamlined the operational processes so that we can get a better picture of the services our members most need.”

SubHub uses open-source software (a combination of tools including Linux, Apache Solr, MySQL and PHP) to custom-build digital association management solutions for clients such as AOP. Each implementation is customised for clients using a combination of pre-existing SubHub modules and new bespoke code.

SubHub also built a process to carefully manage the migration of  the Association of Online Publisher’s legacy data onto the new platform — preserving years of valuable data and making it more flexible and accessible than it had previously been.